Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates

Affordable & Easy to Install 

​Secure your road way with an easy to install manual swing gate from Secure Lane today.

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Choice of in ground mount or a surface mount that can be bolted down to concrete surface via mounting plate.  

Swing Gate Leaf is 42” tall

In ground post mounting side is 72” tall and 18” to 30” of this is for in ground setting.   
Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates are a smart, easy and affordable way to secure a road way!

  • Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates can be used in rural, residential, commercial, military and forestry applications
  • Double or Single Swing 
  • Easy to Install.  Available in a bolt to surface model or in ground set model.
  • Slide bolt locking mechanism accepts your padlock or pin lock.
  • Our Receiver Post PN# SL-RP-S has slide channel to accept the gate slide bolt so that it can be padlocked or pin locked securely in the open position.
  • You may purchase our bolt on channel so that you can attach it to your own fence post or receiver post.
This is a HD bearing hinged gate.  Smooth and quiet - No metal on metal tube grinding or couplers squawking when you open and close our swing gate.​
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Welded steel tube construction, sand blasted and powder coated white or safety red.
Manual Swing Barrier Arm Gates​ 
Model SL-SG (Secure Lane Swing Gate)
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Only available in a 12 foot width. Order Dual Swing to achieve a 24 foot dual swing gate.
We have a new gate coming soon!  Folding panels so it ships very affordably